Joint Master Degree Programme

Environmental and Sustainability Education

Environmental and Sustainability Education

A Two-year Joint-degree Master Programme

Guarantor: Doc. PhDr. Jan Činčera, Ph.D., e-mail:

The program is currently under development. It is scheduled to open in 2023/2024. 


Programme Description

The transformation of our society toward sustainability calls for a profound change in education. Would you like to be among those who shape such transformation? This programme offers you the opportunity to learn from leading European experts, become familiar with environmental and sustainability education in various countries, and meet students from all over the world.

The core universities that run this programme are in Vechta (Germany), Klagenfurt (Austria), Karlstad (Sweden), and Brno (Masaryk University, Czech Republic). During your studies in the programme, you will have the chance to study at these universities located in diverse social and natural environments.

The programme highlights critical perspectives on the field of environmental and sustainability education. You will learn to investigate and evaluate this field and to design new plans and strategies within it.

The future of environmental and sustainability education in your country could be in your hands right now!

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A sample of our courses:

  • Education for Sustainable Development (Marco Rieckman, University of Vechta)
  • From Knowledge to Action – Whole Institution Approaches to Environmental and Sustainability Education (Daniel Olsson &amp, Teresa Berglund, University of Karlstad)
  • School and Environment (Franz Rauch, University of Klagenfurt)
  • Earth Education (Bruce Johnson, University of Arizona)
  • Program Design and Evaluation (Jan Činčera, Masaryk University)
  • Place-based Education and Environmental Interpretation (Michal Medek, Masaryk University)
  • The Role of the School Garden in Education (Erika Pénzesné Kónya, Eszterházy University Eger)
  • Transformative Educational Leadership for Sustainability Citizenship (Daphne Goldman, Beith Berl College)


Occupational Profiles of Graduates

As a graduate of this program, you will be able to manage, evaluate, and shape environmental and sustainability education. You may find your job in a wide range of organizations: as a manager in environmental education centres, an administrator responsible for environmental and sustainability education, or a member of a natural protection agency communicating with the public. Alternatively, you may start working as an independent expert. In the programme, we support the independence, initiative, and cooperative skills necessary for any 21st-century career.

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Practical Training

We offer genuine practical training in our programme. When you work on your thesis, you will form a team with a selected ESE organisation and conduct research based on the organisation’s actual needs. Thus, every thesis will connect theory and practice. Every research project will be useful. Your research could be your future career!

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doc. PhDr. Jan Činčera, Ph.D.



SusEntreJMD, a preparatory project of the new master has finished

From February to November 2018 a project „Sustainability-driven Entrepreneurship – Preparation of new Joint Master Degree study programme (SusEntreJMD)“ has been realized by the Department of Environmental Studies. The project was supported by The South Moravian Region within the 2nd call Smart Accelerator – 4th activity Assistance. What has the project brought?

In the last year, the Department of Environmental Studies was intensively preparing the new Joint Master Degree programme. We have successfully started the accreditation process, which will continue in spring 2019.

During the year, the full consortium of the future study programme met 2 times, in April in Barcelona and in November in Vienna. We succeeded to prepare all documents for accreditation, and the curriculum of the programme.  Together with the coordinator from Vienna, Dr. Christian Rammel, we met mayor of Brno and received a patronage for the programme from Brno city.

One of the key tasks of the last year was to find a fourth partner of our programme. After the university from Amsterdam could not continue the process with us, we would not hope for better compensation. Copenhagen Business School, Danish public university from Copenhagen is one of the top business schools in Europe.

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