The Department of Environmental Studies (Masaryk University, Brno, CZ)

NaZemi (OnEarth, Brno, CZ)

RESET - Platform for Socio-Ecological Transformation (Praha, Brno, CZ)

and Konzeptwerk Neue Ökonomie (Leipzig, DE)

are happy to invite you to the

Conference on Degrowth and Socio-Ecological Transformation

taking place

8th - 11th of September 2022 in Brno, Czech Republic

Endless material growth is not sustainable. But what can we do when our economic and social systems depend on it?

We face growing unaffordability of housing, growing energy poverty, growing overwork and the growing climate crisis. Conversely, our leisure time decreases, as well as the quality of our food, the diversity of our landscapes and the level of our groundwater.

Aren't things desirable the other way round?

Current social and environmental problems are interlinked - their common juncture being our economic system prioritizing growth and profit over the needs of most people and nature.


What kind of world do we want in 10, and in 100 years?

We are building - or undermining - its foundations today.

Let's think - and dream - together about …


Good life - for all - within one planet.

The aim of the conference is to create space for asking fundamental questions - and looking for answers together, across the spheres of (not only) academia, civic engagement, politics, trade unions, the arts and education.

In a participatory way, the conference program will present both visions, proposed policies, existing examples and possible strategies for social-ecological transformation towards a more just and sustainable economy and society. All this contextualized mainly to Central and Eastern Europe with its historical experience and current situation. Various formats (from panel lectures and discussions to experiential workshops) will take place to allow not only intellectual but also creative, personal and other experiences and insights.

We will not only talk about degrowth, we will also live it in practice - via sharing of our ideas and experiences, via co-creating, relaxing and enjoying social and cultural programmes.

Registration for participants and attendees will be open from mid-June 2022, we will keep you informed. In any case, you can already put the conference to your diaries - it will be worth it!

If you would like to support the organisation of the conference as a volunteer, you are certainly welcome - please contact Eva Fraňková ( You can help with planning and preparation during June and July, as well as during the event itself in September 2022.

The conference takes place within the project "Partnership for Dialogue on Degrowth and Socio-Ecological Transformation" supported by the European Commission under the Erasmus+ programme.

More about the organizing institutions

The Department of Environmental Studies (Faculty of Social Studies, Masaryk University in Brno, CZ), a public university department running a Bachelor, Master and PhD program in Environmental Studies, including an ecological economics working group.

NaZemi (Brno, CZ), an NGO focused on global issues, transformative education and recently also explicitly on Degrowth.

RESET – Platform for Socio-Ecological Transformation (Prague, Brno, CZ), a civil society organisation focused on promoting a just, ecological and democratic economy.

Konzeptwerk Neue Ökonomie (Leipzig, Germany), an NGO focused on building „new economy“ by all and for all, ecologically sound and socially just.


More about the project

In recent years, we have seen increasing debates around the unsustainability of economic growth and the need for a socio-ecological transformation beyond the current growth-based model of society and towards an economy more suited to social justice, solidarity, ecology and democracy. This debate is now also gaining traction not just in the Czech Republic, but across the territories of the former Soviet bloc.

That is why the Department of Environmental Studies at the Masaryk University (Brno) in partnership with NaZemi (Czech Republic), Re-set: platform for socio-ecological transformation (Czech Republic), and Konzetwerk Neue Ökonomie (Germany) are now running an Erasmus+ project called „Partnership for Dialogue on Degrowth and Socio-Ecological Transformation“ aimed at promoting and deepening the dialogue between the degrowth movement in the Czech Republic, (former East) Germany and other CEE countries.

This project includes two networking and exchange events for degrowth and "New Economy" organizations to share their perspectives and experiences (the first happened already 1.-3.4. in Brno, CZ, the second is taking place 24.-26.6. In Leipzig, Germany). The activities then culminate in a four day conference in Brno, Czech Republic, taking place from 8th to 11th of September 2022. Also, a new degrowth web site is being created within the 1 year of the project (03/2022 - 02/2023).


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